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Designing control panels for industrial applications is a process that requires attention to detail. Our engineering services group creates detailed control panel layout drawings, bill of materials, and electrical schematics.

Upon design approval by the customer, we implement over 100 quality control checkpoints during the process of building the control panel. Our workmanship and attention to detail ensure that shipments are of the best quality and made exactly to the customers’ specifications.

Whether we build the panel to customer specifications, or CopperBrook Labs Inc designed, we have produced virtually every type of panel.

  • Low voltage control panels
  • Combination motor starter panels
  • Disconnect panels
  • Explosion-proof panels
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quadplex pumping panels
  • PLC panels
  • Customized MCC’s
  • HVAC / Air Handling Fan panels
  • Heater control panels
  • Custom VFD packaging
  • Solid State starters
  • Crane / Gantry / Lift and Rotation controllers
  • Compressor Control
  • Machinery control packages
  • Machinery assembly and wiring
  • Custom Terminal Block Assembly
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